An iPad case with so many cool features! A wipe cloth, a movable hand strap for closure and easy carry, and a convenient business card pocket. All in a sturdy iPad case inspired by the traditional book.
iPad and iPad 2
Sleek Design

Powis iCase offers protection that is worthy of your iPad. It maintains the iPad’s sleek design, weight and size while providing a stylish iPad cover of your choosing.

Wipe Cloth

Fingerprints and smudges on your iPad? Not when you have Powis iCase. It comes with a handy microfiber wipe cloth in a secret storage place.

Snap In Case

Powis iCase offers a snap in frame to hold your iPad securely in place.

Business Card Holder

Wish you had a place in your iPad case to store a few business cards? Well, wish no more. Powis iCase comes with a convenient business card pocket.

Eco Friendly


Powis iCase has the environment in mind! Fiber content of our handcrafted leather is 100% recycled cowhide fibers. All cases are constructed with 100% recycled board.

Hand Strap

The movable hand strap on your Powis iCase provides secure closure and carry. Take your iPad anywhere and know that it will never fall out of your grasp!

iPad 2
Sleep/Wake Modes

Close the case and iPad 2 automatically goes to sleep. Open it, and iPad 2 instantly wakes up. Powis iCase keeps your iPad ready to go whenever you are.

Camera Ready

Special cutouts expose the iPad 2 camera so it can be used without removing your iPad 2 from its case. How convenient.